Kindergarten’s Prevention


‘Gymnastic of the face and the tongue’ are weekly group classes conducted by the speech therapist. Children through fun exercise articulators and improve their abilities of using the language correctly. New school year starts with the screening. Each kid is examined individually by the speech therapist. The examination is finished with the receiving by parent a ‘diagnosis’ with reading for possible, individual work. Children with speech problems have a possibility to undertake individual, paid speech therapy in the kindergarten.


Children are under permanent care of the psychologist who performs duty at the kindergarten once a month. The psychologist gives advices both to tutors and parents. We offer individual meetings for parents during the working hours of our psychologist.


At the kindergarten we organize meetings with dental surgeon. Children learn how to consciously take care of the healthy appearance of teeth, apply health prevention and avoid threats. As a continuation of the classes we organize cyclical trips for the free dentist inspection. After the visit, each kid receives ‘agenda’ with indicated losses.


All kindergarten pupils are liable to an insurance of unfortunate accidents. Annual subscription for the child is 35 PLN