Educational Projects


Mind Odyssey

This year we start in our kindergartens new classes called ‘Mind Odyssey’. Every month, starting from September, children will dig deep into the world of new, interesting, sometimes mysterious and unknown issues. Together with teachers they will move on the full of adventures Mind Odyssey during which they get to know various branches of the world of science, culture, art and others. Each month will be different and unique and each Odyssey will end with the summary of the month adventure.


Robotic classes give a chance to develop technical and informatics skills of small constructors. It’s also a chance to form the spatial imagination and creative thinking which enable to better understand the world of science.

Interesting meetings – Interesting people

We invite to our kindergarten people who have unusual jobs, mainly the parents of our pupils. During such meetings children get to know jobs, interests and intriguing world of adults’ passions.

‘All of Poland reads to kids’

We encourage parents, as far as it’s possible, to take an active part in kindergarten life. We invite, as part of the action ‘All of Poland reads to kids’ to read or tell the stories during the after dinner spare-time. Parents’ visit in the kindergarten as a honorable quest is a reason to great proud and children remember that day during which parent replaced the tutor.

Savoir-vivre Academy

How to behave during the aunt’s names day? Who should be the first to pass the hand as a greeting? What to do with the cutlery after the dinner? Answers for these and others questions kids get during the classes of the Academy.