Programme Base

Program of our kindergarten is based on what we consider the most important in educating and rising children.


Education is the sphere of life with huge importance. In our kindergartens we want to rise children in the spirit of truth, right and beauty, getting to know human rights and respect toward others. Favored values have great importance for the development of the human being and they build his identity. In our kindergarten we are based on universal values, diligence, tolerance and respect toward others, treating each child individually.


Happy Kids’ program is oriented on comprehensive development of children, broadening their skills and creating efficiency of assimilating knowledge through active work. We learn children independency, distinguishing and naming emotions, we develop concentration and imagination, we allow to share comments about the surrounding reality, we create conditions for assimilating world, we develop manual and communication skills, we enhance self-esteem and develop empathy.

We realize the program base using the packet of the MAC publisher ‘Odkrywam siebie’ ['I'm discovering myself']

‘Odkrywam siebie’ is consistent educational concept from 3 years old for a year kindergarten preparation based on Howard Gardner’s theory of the multiple intelligences. The series eliminates the danger of repeating the material or ignoring important matters. To each packet the child is given two out of four activities: polish studies, mathematical, drama, musical.


Mathematic classes are not detailed in the schedule of the day but they are specialized general-developmental classes based on the program base.
‘Dziecięca matematyka’ [‘Children’s Mathematic’] written by Prof. Edyta Gruszczyk-Kolczyńska is the concept of helping out the mental development of the children by mathematic education realized in such a way to assure success at school for the future students.


According to the program our pupils not only assimilate with the world of plants and animals and geological features but they also learn to see and experience their beauty. Direct contact with nature allows to get new skills and experiences which will surely pay off in the future. Our program also considers issues connected with ecology. Through popularization of ecological knowledge we effectively create attitude compatible with ecological ethics.  Natural education is not detailed in the schedule of the day but it is specialized general-developmental class based on the program base.


Movement classes have a basic meaning for the physical and mental development of the child. Regardless of the type of the classes – gymnastics, motion plays or dance classes – the awareness of the own body is created. Such classes are addendum to daily gymnastic hold by the tutors. Classes take place once a week and are conducted by the physical education teachers. 


Art and Linguistic Classes – detailed information about the program and methods used during sport and linguistic classes may be found in the bookmarks: ‘Language Education‘ and ‘Art Education

Educational Projects – detailed information about conducted education projects in 2014/2015 school year may be found in the Educational Projects bookmark.

Elements of the Eurhythmics – in other words classes teaching music which have the influence on general development of the child. Motion is natural need of the child and a song is the main link of each classes. Both the free motion improvisation, frankness of expression and discipline in motion or learning dances and simple choreography are very important.

Prevention – or the actions which are supposed to prevent illnesses by their early detection and treatment. More information about prevention may be found in ‘Kindergarten’s  Prevention‘ bookmark.

Religion – classes are hold for willing persons. We take care about spiritual development of our pupils.


Trip is a valuable supplement and the crowning achievement of the educational and upbringing process because it allows to fight off the verbalism of teaching, implements the excitement and supports educational classes hold in the kindergarten. Trip brings great profits for the child. As a result of the trip kindergarten pupils assimilate specific objects and authentic phenomenon about which they have learnt in the kindergarten, they confront the knowledge with practice and reality.

One of the most important tasks of the teacher is wakening up and developing of natural interests of children that is why in Happy Kids kindergarten each month we organize trips with subject matter connected with the program. We take advantage of it the best as we can, remembering that the main principle of working with children is ‘learning by entertaining, entertaining by learning’.

Trips are additionally paid.


There are events like Grandparents’ Day or Family Day organized for parents and guardians. We strongly invite you for the Christmas Eve’s meeting in the form of Christmas workshops, events such as Family Picnic, Kindergarten Olympic Games or the end of the school year, as well as for the open classes for parents on which you can see how the program classes look like.

Open classes – for parents
Once in two months we organise open classes for parents during which they can see how educational classes look like in our kindergarden.