Payments & Application

Entry Fee – 500 PLN
At the enrolling child to the kindergarten the disposable entry fee is being charged in amount of 500 PLN. In case of enrolling second or another child the entry fee is charged only once from the oldest child.

Basic Tuition for 2014/2015 school year – 600 PLN
Tuition is paid according to the Agreement in the monthly mode before 5th day of each month. If siblings attend to our kindergartens, the tuition for next child is reduced by 50 PLN monthly from the basic tuition fee.

Catering daily – 12 PLN 
The set includes: I breakfast, snap, dinner, afternoon snack.
The fee is payable for meals together with payment for tuition.

Tuition includes: 

  • care from 7:00 a.m. to 6 p.m.
  • educational classes including program base of the pre-school education
  • classes developing mathematical skills
  • art classes
  • daily English classes with the tutor
  • once a week English classes conducted by the English teacher and with the English teacher
  • daily sport and gymnastic classes with the elements of rectification of physical education teachers
  • elements of eurhythmics
  • educational projects
  • speech therapy diagnosis at the beginning of the school year and weekly classes with the speech therapist –  ’Gymnastic of the face and the tongue’
  • psychologist’s and dentist’s care
  • religion for willing persons
  • occasional events and meetings in the kindergarten (e.g. dance, meetings with interesting people, travelling theatres, Christmas workshops for parents, family picnic, Olympic games)

Adaptation classes
Adaptation classes for kids enrolled to our kindergarten and starting kindergarten education from September, are available without payment and are hold everyday for 2 hours during the last week of August.

Adaptation classes for parents
Adaptation classes for parents of the child enrolled to our kindergarten are free and take place a week before the adaptation classes for children. Detailed information may be found in FAQ & Adaptation bookmark.

Additional payments:

  • insurance paid disposably in August for the whole school year – 35 PLN
  • trips outside the premises of the kindergarten: to the cinema, theatre, museum, zoo, etc.
  • school books to the program base and to Enlish classes
  • care after 6 p.m.