About us & Organization

Happy Kids

Happy Kids kindergartens have defined profiles but each and every of them realizes the common goal which is the highest level of the provided services. Being aware of the fact that people are born with different talents, through the diversified and perfectly selected timetable we try to find out what is the most pleasing and interesting for the kid. Thanks to that, we know on which activities we should focus in case of each individual kid. Because every kid and every talent, even the smallest and the most hidden one, is equally important for us! We offer following profiles of our kindergartens: sport-linguistics and art-linguistics. Private ‘Happy Kids’ kindergarten acts based on the entry into the records of schools and non-public institutions led by the major of Cracow.

Mission of Happy Kids

We stand out with the care of the holistic development of our pupils – we take care not only about the body but also about the spirit. We propagate healthy and active lifestyle. We want the kindergarten to be not only the institution and place of education but we also aim to create an appropriate environment to learn – to search and process information, gain knowledge and to creatively look at the surrounding reality. We want to bring up citizens of the world who are conscious and opened to the inflatedness. There’s a student in Happy Kids centre of education.


Kindergartens are opened between 7 a.m. and 6 p.m. except of holidays and bank holidays. On the Christmas Eve and New Years Eve kindergartens are opened between 7 a.m. and 2 p.m. In special cases we provide care for the child until 6 p.m. But the class tutor or director must be informed earlier. Every begun hour is paid 50 PLN.

Cooperation with parents

Good contact between parents and the management of the kindergarten guarantees appropriate development of the child and is an important element of his good and effective relations with the peers. In our kindergarten parents are informed about kid’s progress, schedule for each day and month, and they are given a calendar for the whole year.

When parents pick up the child, the tutor informs them about kid’s day at the kindergarten, about his happy moments and concerns.  Current information about teaching and educational work and about organization of the kindergarten is sent by e-mail and posted on the notice-board of each group or on the common board. Parents are informed about planned events via e-mail. The most important events and their announcements are posted on the kindergarten’s website in the news and in the calendar (calendar is placed on the right on the main page of the kindergarten).

Information about the payment, news from the tutors and information about presence and absence of the child in the kindergarten as well as information about extra-curricular activities are available in the log-in panel. Login and password are given when the Agreement is signed.