Meal & Catering


Shared meals give the chance to try various dishes and to get to know the principles of behaving by the table. The meals are colorful with variety of nutrition, warm and tasty. They are always prepared from fresh products without processing aids and preservatives.
Depending on the needs we are ready to offer our pupils appropriate diet e.g.: gluten-free, diabetic, preliminary, milk-free, eggs-free, wheat-free, hypoallergenic, low-fat. The kindergarten ensures the permanent and free access to water. Children eat meals in their classrooms.

Meal hours:

  • I breakfast 9:00-9:25
  • Snap  11:00-11:30
  • Dinner 13:00-13:30
  • Afternoon snack 15:00-15:30



Bearing in mind that standards of the child care steadily increase, we started the cooperation with the GaMa Smaków Catering company. GaMa Smaków is a company which specializes itself in preparing meals for schools, kindergartens and pre-schools in accordance with norms of feeding children being in force in Poland. The priority is high quality of the meals which have to be tasty, healthy and diverse. GaMa Smaków together with Happy Kids have ambitions to create appropriate eating habits among children since the young age. Thanks to this cooperation, kids are provided not only with healthy and balanced meals but also with dietetic care during the whole year.